We now offer Telehealth!

Playa Physical Therapy is here for you during the time that the Coronavirus prevents you from going out.

We can help relieve your aches, and pains while you are at home. This can be done by phone, telehealth internet/video. This will include detailed exercise prescription, update on your established program or just to answer your questions and concerns.

Get the care you need in the safety of your home.

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Welcome to Playa Physical Therapy and Wellness

Playa Physical Therapy
is an outpatient clinic specializing in the evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of individuals with musculoskeletal injuries and pain.

We accept Medicare, and most private insurance plans.

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Playa Physical Therapy and Wellness

This includes:
low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, lower extremity pain, TMJ disorders, thoracic outlet syndrome, chronic pain, and much more.

Physical Therapy Playa Vista CA

Physical Therapy

Fitness + Wellness

Vision Fitness and Wellness, in partnership with Playa PT, offers a complete wellness experience for you. We believe that when fitness and wellness professionals work together as a team we are able to provide the best service and results for our clients.


Physical Therapy Playa Vista CA


 Physical Therapy Playa Vista CA

If you are suffering with muscle aches and joint pains, Pilates may be a treatment approach that matches your specific needs. Athletes, dancers, seniors, women rebounding from pregnancy, and people who are at various stages of physical rehabilitation can benefit.

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Physical Therapy Playa Vista CA

Massage is not just a luxury; it is a way to a healthier happier life! If you are recovering from an injury, or just starting your fitness journey, having an active recovery plan is essential for your mind and body. Regular massage therapy has many benefits.

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Every patient receives
one-on-one treatment with the same Doctor of Physical Therapy for 45 minutes.
Physical Therapy Playa Vista CA

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(310) 823-2220

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Playa Physical Therapy and Wellness Success Stories

  • I have severe sport related injury(brazilian jiujitsu) and tried several procedures, physical therapists, chiropractors etc. All of them would bring some moderate improvement but not quite what I expected. Friend recommended me this place and gave it a try three months ago. Since then I'm coming over weekly and very happy with the results. Aaron is a miracle maker and I'm in the best shape in years.

    Thomas L
  • I go to Katie, she is amazing! I have a torn rotator cuff and torn labrum, I need a shoulder replacement. However, I am trying to wait until I’m older to get the surgery. My doctor recommended I go to PT. When I first came to Katie I wasn’t able to lift my left arm without cranking my neck, I was always in pain, it was awful. It’s only been a few months and I feel like I have a new shoulder! I can lift my arm over my head and I am no longer in pain. Katie is wonderful! She is a great person, I am very grateful!

    Katie G
  • Terry Chu is an excellent physical therapist. He listens to your concerns and addresses them more than satisfactorily. I would recommend Terry Chu to anyone in need of Physical Therapy.

    Peter B
  • I have been coming to Playa Therapy for many years. Aaron Willis is a miracle man. He has helped heal my entire family. The atmosphere is all about well being and all the staff are wonderful. I can't find enough words to describe my appreciation.

    Charles L
  • I had a very positive experience working with Amanda and the rest of the staff. They are very professional and always very pleasant. I would highly recommend Playa Physical Therapy

    Diane F